D.O.T. Exams & Certifications

Have you checked your DOT expiration date? Don’t be in a rush. Get re-certified in the desired time that you need. schedule your re-certification appointment Today.

Speedy desirable check out:

  • Prep 1 Hr before scheduled appointment for best results.
  • Drink 1 (16 oz) bottle of water.
    If you wear corrective lenses:
  • lenses- have them cleaned and rinsed or wear a new pair.
  • Glasses- Make sure you have them with you. Bring current prescribed pair if you own multiple pair.
  • Take any meds? Make a current list to bring with you


During your visit, the following are performed during your examination:
• A urine sample: checks for sugar, protein, and blood.
• Height and Weigh.
• Vision Test.
• Hearing Test.
• Blood pressure.
• Past Medical history
• Current medical history
• Current medication list

The Driver must bring and do the following:
• Bring picture ID: Driver's license, passport
• Driver completes FMCSA medical form.

If this a letter graded exam, get the desired A you deserve.

We don’t have to be the one who reminds you that time is money. Save on both.

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